About Noorden Productions


Noorden Productions was founded by Stefan van Norden, a long time gardener. He made his first film, Hand of Brick in 2013 with almost no budget. At the time, van Norden was not an aspiring filmmaker- that came about by accident. The making of Hand of Brick was sparked by an interest in observing what nature was doing to the old brick kilns at the Densmore Brick Co.; how nature was reclaiming its place. This act of documentation organically grew to include interviews with former employees of the brick company who offered their personal stories and insight into its history. The resulting film was warmly received and broadcast on PBS.

Following the success of Hand of Brick, Noorden Productions was joined by editor Charles Geoghegan and cameraman Sean Clauson in making Negotiating with Nature. This second film was inspired by the many years Stefan had spent in his garden and the realization that his relationship with nature extended far beyond that garden. As the film illustrates, nature is not a place one goes to but rather a place one is a part of: that we are nature.

Following the premiere screenings and broadcast of Negotiating with Nature came a resounding sense of the need to further engage a wider audience with that same message. With the scattered lifestyle that many of us lead today, Stefan started looking into other ways to reach more people. The result is Nature Revisited, a podcast based upon the notion that we are nature.

Noorden Productions is proud to be joined once again by editor Charles Geoghegan and writer Annie Bond as we launch this exciting new venture.