The Cast

Jay Parini.png

Jay Parini

Poet, Author

Mitchell Silver.png

Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP

New York City Parks Commissioner

Cheryl Charles 3.png

Cheryl Charles

Co-Founder, CHildren & Nature Network

Doug Tallamy 4.png

Doug Tallamy

Professor of Entomology, University of Delaware

Thomas Rainer 2.png

Thomas Rainer

Landscape Architect, Principal of Phyto Studios

Scott Stokoe.png

Scott Stokoe

Ecological Educator

Susan Reynolds 2.png

Susan Salter Reynolds

Writer, Vigneronne

Gordon Hayward 2.png

Gordon Hayward

Garden Designer, Writer & Lecturer

Dean Norton.png

J. Dean Norton

Director of Horticulture, Mount Vernon

Peter Hatch.png

Peter Hatch

Emeritus Director of Gardens, Monticello

Annie Bond.png

Annie Bond


Sandy Price 2.png

Sandy Price

Landscape Designer


The Crew

Stefan with plants.jpg

Stefan van Norden

Producer/Director, Interviewer, Videographer, Gardener


Charles Geoghegan

Post Producer, Editor, Sound Designer & Mixer, Colorist, Supporting Videographer

SeanW_REdCam (1).jpg

Sean Clauson

Director of Photography, Sound Recordist, Supporting Aerial Videographer

jim mauchly cropped resized.jpg

Jim Mauchly

Aerial Videographer

David Vergil pic edited cropped.png

David Vergil

& Many Here Among Us