Additional Scenes & Extras

WMRW 95.1 FM Radio Interview

Stefan van Norden talks about his film Negotiating with Nature.

Broken Stone Garden

The gardener discovers something special in his garden...

On Gardening & Nature

Members of the cast and the director reflect upon their personal experiences with gardening and nature.

The Director's Perspective

Director Stefan van Norden talks about his motivations for filming Negotiating with Nature.

Sense of Place

Gordan Hayward describes his garden's role in relation to a sense of place.

Long Green Thread

Scott Stokoe outlines the importance of green spaces within urban settings such as The Highline in New York City.

The View

David Vergil and Stefan van Norden's co-songwriting effort stands as both a focal point towards Negotiating with Nature’s central message as well as a welcome musical number in the final act of the film.

Song written by David Vergil. Lyrics by David Vergil and SvN. Performed by Many Here Among Us.