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Nature Revisited is a podcast that explores our relationship with the natural world. It consists of interviews, stories and discussions that highlight the notion that nature is not a place one goes to, but rather a place one is already a part of - that We Are Nature.



Episode One: Peter Hatch - Thomas Jefferson & Monticello

In this pilot installment of Nature Revisited, Peter Hatch expounds upon his decades of experience maintaining Thomas Jefferson’s legendary Virginia homestead - Monticello and its expansive gardens. Rare insights along with an intimate perspective into the life of one of America’s most beloved Founding Fathers makes this first episode an indispensable listen.

Episode Two: David Culp - Brandywine Cottage & The Inevitable Garden

David Culp is creator of the gardens at Brandywine Cottage in Downington, Pennsylvania, and is a plantsman and gardener who has lectured nationwide for over 25 years. Stefan van Norden and Sean Clauson visited David on the production trail of the film Negotiating with Nature to talk with him about his personal & philosophical approach to the act of gardening and its inevitability across the human experience.

Upcoming Episodes…

Jeffrey Reddick - Life Sentence Inmate and Painter

Thomas Rainer - Landscape Architect and Principal of Phyto Studios

Julia Plevin - Author of Forest Bathing

Cheryl Charles - Co-Founder of Children & Nature Network

Scott Stokoe - Ecological Educator